TLDs for Cultural and Linguistic Communities of Russia

Cultural and linguistic TLDs are intended to represent in Internet the communities of people with common language, history or culture. 

.CAT became the pioneer of a cultural and linguistic community. It emerged in 2005 and is currently used by the community of native-speakers and culture representatives of Catalonia.

As a result, the idea of creating their own top-level domains has resonated with many cultural-linguistic communities. Most of them are in Europe. Therefore, the projects for implementation of .GAL (Galicia), .SCOT (Scotland), .EUS (Basque Country), .CYM (Wales) TLDs etc. have been launched.  

The initiators of these TLDs have established ECLID (European Cultural and Linguistic Internet Domains) association, which promotes the idea of "thematic" domains and support the initiatives of participants. These TLDs have become a part of New gTLD program, which was approved on June, 2011 by ICANN, international corporation which manages the web addressing space.

The idea of creating top-level domains for cultural and linguistic communities of Russia occurred in autumn of 2010. It was initiated by "Regional Network Information Center"(RU-CENTER). The project was named RUCLID - Russian Cultural and Linguistic Internet Domains. It will be implemented in close cooperation with ECLID.

The key objective of RUCLID is strengthening online presence of the languages, peoples and cultures represented in the Russian Federation. Furthermore, the project shall facilitate preservation of cultures of small peoples inhabiting Russia.

A special social movement was set up to support RUCLID. It is primarily intended to promote the idea of implementation of cultural and linguistic domains, involvement of new communities in RUCLID project, delivery of project information to the representatives of business, state and public. The activity of social movement in regions is carried out with support of Russian Agency for Information Society Development (RARIO) and Public Counsel for Information Development "Rosinformrazvitiye".

The rules for each domain which as part of RUCLID will be developed by social and consultation counsels, the participants of which will be representatives of all the parties concerned.

Cultural and linguistic communities (including peoples), living on the territory of the Russian Federation may be involved in RUCLID project. Each domain as part of RUCLID will be implemented on the basis of state-owned and private partnership.

To initiate the project for implementation of the top-level domain for cultural and linguistic society as part of RUCLID, its representatives are welcome to contact the representatives of Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development by phone +7 (495) 788-56-88 or e-mail address - Prospekt Marshala Zhukova, 2, Moscow, 123308, Russian Federation, or by e-mail