Domains for Russian Cities and Regions

RUCLID project is implemented as part of the initiative to promote domains for the largest Russian cities and regions.

Top level domains .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА intended for the Russian capital have become pioneers in RUCLID project. Registration in such TLDs is currently under way.

Other large cities already have their own domains: Berlin (.BERLIN), Vienna (.WIEN), London (.LONDON), New-York (.NYC), at the end of the year 2014 Wales will have its own zone – .WALES and .CYMRU (zone for the Welsh people).

From about 2000 TLD applications submitted to ICANN as part of New gTLD Program, 76 TLDs were geographic and the interest to them is growing.

In the cities planning to implement their own top-level domains, profile initiative groups and management companies are therefore set up. With this in view Dotcities – international community is taking all-out efforts to unite the cities striving to obtain their top-level domains.

In autumn 2010 the project for implementation of .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs became the member of Dotcities. Moscow became the first Russian city that appeared on the Net in a new image. Following the capital other Russian cities and regions, as well as cultural and linguistic communities may obtain their own top-level domains.

Setting up regional top-level domains along with other municipal and cultural & linguistic TLDs is a new prospective trend for the development of the domestic domain space.

The first regional top-level domain in 2006 was .EU, which was intended for the European Union. Now there are 3.8 mln. names in it. In 2007 .ASIA domain registration project was launched for the needs of the Asian-Pacific Region.

To initiate the project for implementation of the top-level domain for cultural and linguistic society as part of RUCLID, its representatives shall contact the representatives of Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development by phone +7 (495) 788-56-88 or e-mail address  - Prospekt Marshala Zhukova, 2, Moscow, 123308, Russian Federation, or by e-mail

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