.TATAR is now available for anyone

On March 23 .TATAR became available for anyone to register. Info.tatar becomes one of the first names registered at this stage. .

According to Technical Center of Internet, acting as TLD technical administrator, about 500 TATAR names have been registered by now, with nearly half of them being delegated.

Domain names registered in .TATAR include popular brands like microsoft.tatar, yahoo.tatar, google.tatar, amazon.tatar, facebook.tatar, flickr.tatar, instagram.tatar, wordpress.tatar, tumblr.tatar, etc. as well as common words: music.tatar, concert.tatar, bilet.tatar («ticket»), dom.tatar («home», «house»), job.tatar, etc.

.TATAR is the first cultural and linguistic TLD of Russia, with the names to serve the .TATAR mission, namely: develop Tatar global cultural identity, shape a uniform information space of the Republic of Tatarstan, and attract audience to topical websites.

To register a domain name, applicants will be required to specify the purpose of a domain name to be registered, although it is rarely practiced worldwide. Additionally, during the first year it will be impossible to transfer a domain name to another registrant or change the Registrar.

Within the first hour of .TATAR launch, the largest Russia's registrar RU-CENTER processed almost 150 requests (there are 4 TLD accredited registrars).