.CYMRU and .WALES Now Bilingual and Available to All

March 1, Welsh .CYMRU and .WALES TLDs entered the General Availability phase. .WALES and .CYMRU TLD Registry announced that 1,000 names were registered within the first hour of the launch, with up to 5,000 names bought in the first 24 hours of General Availability (now .WALES TLD has over 5000 names, .CYMRU – 2600).

The average name registration fee is $15.

In both TLDs, names can be written not only in Latin, but in diacritic script, which is used in Welsh (English variety spoken in Wales). In 2011, 562,000 people spoke this language. According to Nominet, a Welsh domain Administrator, 65% of adults in Wales consider themselves Welshmen or “partial Welshmen”.

Notably, in 2013 the researchers stated that almost 140,000 residents of England did not speak English well, and 726,000 spoke no English at all.

From March 31, .CYMRU, .WALES will also be available for premium registrations on a first-come, first-served basis. A total of 3000 names, such as thevalleys.wales and weekendbreak.wales, will become disposable to users. Premium domains also include keywords and popular terms.

Sunrise phase in such TLDs ran in September – October 31, 2014; Landrush phase lasted from December 29 until February 25, 2015. If two or more requests were submitted for the same domain name, it was auctioned. Domain Administrator is Nominet, which is also responsible for .UK TLD.

.LONDON TLD was also launched in Great Britain with 58,000 current registrations in it.