.AMSTERDAM Domain Names Registration will Start in Late March

Limited registration period in .AMSTERDAM TLD launches on March 27. One hundred persons and organizations, which have a special relationship with the capital of the Netherlands, will be able to obtain domain names in the new TLD.

For example, according to the registry operator's website, the municipality of Amsterdam will be able to get the domain name gemeente.amsterdam, TEDx Amsterdam - domain name tedx.amsterdam, ID&T company may become the owner of dance.amsterdam. A similar practice was used in .PARIS TLD - 100 companies were preferred to show the importance of domain names in the new TLD.

From June 1, any person or organization, which is going to create a project associated with the city, may apply for the .AMSTERDAM domain name.

On September 1, .AMSTERDAM TLD will become available for all Internet users. The applications for registration will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

SIDN company –.NL ccTLD administrator which has 5.5 million registered domain names by now and ranks fifth among the largest ccTLDs (at the beginning of this year) – will ensure technical support for .AMSTERDAM domain names registration. More than 40% of the domain names in this TLD were signed with the DNSSEC protocol, which is quite a record among other TLDs. Moreover, .NL TLD has the largest number of domain names per capita - 33 domain names for every 100 residents.