In 2011 RUCLID Will be Presented in Russian Regions

Autonomous non-profit organisation Regional Network Information Center (RU-CENTER) together with Russian Agency for Information Society Development will present RUCLID initiatives in Russian regions during special Electronic Future festival that includes different events: conferences, workshops, charity actions and more.

The Electronic Future festival will be organised more than in 20 Russian cities and towns from Moscow to Vladivostok. In each of these places    representatives of RU-CENTER and Russian Agency for Information Society Development will have official meetings with local Internet communities, non-commercial and governmental organisations. During these meetings organisations and communities will be informed about RUCLID, invited to support the initiative and to participate in the community movement that was established for development of Russian cultural, linguistic, and geographical top-level domains.

Also official representatives of a particular place where Electronic Future festival is planned to be held will get a proposal to join RUCLID with the project of TLDs’ introduction intended for the cultural and linguistic communities they represent.