.SYDNEY Now Available for Everyone

New South Wales Government and ARI Registry Services announced .SYDNEY General Availability launch. Public registration of domain names in .SYDNEY TLD started February 17.

According to its authors, the city domain will promote a platform for innovation development and ensure the ongoing extension of the digital economy.

Prior to launch of .SYDNEY domain names registration, the so-called ambassadors - companies that may best represent the new city domain - were chosen. Among them are BridgeClimb Sydney (www.bridgeclimb.sydney) and What’s On Sydney (www.whatson.sydney).

December 4, the Limited Registration period in .SYDNEY TLD started, the registration fee was $900 and registration was available only for 5 years. If two or more applications were submitted for the same domain name, then the administrator of the TLD held an auction. At the same time the Priority registration period was held: the registration fee was $300 and registration was available only for a period of no less than 2 years. The auction was held in case of two or more applicants for the domain name.

The Australians have some other initiatives within the New gTLD program. Therefore, .CANCERRESEARCH TLD was launched with unusual concept: every domain name in the TLD becomes a part of one big website dedicated to cancer research and ways to combat the disease. Top-level domain .MELBOURNE was also launched.

ARI Registry supports .MELBOURNE and .SYDNEY TLDs. Its portfolio includes some country-code TLDs such as .AU (Australia), .AE (the United Arab Emirates), .QA (Qatar) and .ZA (South Africa).