.TATAR: Now Available to Anyone

Now .TATAR has been launched in Landrush phase, during which Tatar-colored domain name is available to anyone. .TATAR is the first cultural and linguistic domain of Russia.Landrush period will take place from February 3 to March 16, after which - 23 March this domain will hit General Availability phase.

The Landrush period will have several phases with each subsequent phase having the price lowered by 50% (from 125,000 RUB per domain during the first phase and to 2,500 RUB during the last phase).

.TATAR is a specific domain, each name in it shall serve the mission to develop national, linguistic, and cultural identity of people, attract additional audience to websites with the relevant thematics, and shape a uniform information space of the Republic of Tatarstan.Specification of the purpose of domain registration is a mandatory rule in .TATAR TLD. There is a slight restriction in this TLD - within the first year you can not transfer a domain to another person or change registrar.

Landrush phase is the third stage in .TATAR TLD, preceded by Priority and Limited Registration Phase for the owners of trademarks, public organizations and mass media, as well as exclusive registration of domain names in the "Affected Names" list based on requests of the owners of trademarks (service marks) registered in TMCH (ICANN).

During Priority and Limited Registration Phase domain names microsoft.tatar, yahoo.tatar, google.tatar, amazon.tatar and facebook.tatar appeared. Photo services flickr.tatar and instagram.tatar, popular blog platforms blogger.tatar, wordpress.tatar and  tumblr.tatar are also represented in this domain. 101 domains have been registered for the Priority and Limited Registration Phase.