.VLAANDEREN and .BRUSSELS Domain Names Now Open To All

Starting from 20 January 2015, anyone can register a domain name ending in .VLAANDEREN or .BRUSSELS provided it is still available. Registrations will be on a first come, first served basis, as they are with .BE domain names.

Start-up companies, organizations, government departments and private citizens may choose a domain name that has a regional extension such as .VLAANDEREN and .BRUSSELS to improve their local online marketing. By promoting their geographical identity in this way, they can also strengthen their links with consumers and interested visitors to their website.

The .VLAANDEREN and .BRUSSELS extensions are intended for:

  • businesses that want to emphasize their Flemish identity. Companies and individuals who are proud of their region and who demonstrate that pride by using a .VLAANDEREN domain name;
  • a brand, activity or event that is linked to the area or town where it is located (cafe, restaurant, festival, etc.) and that is known locally. One example would be festival.brussels;
  • organizations, activities where a town or region is part of the URL. Using the new extension, it becomes smarter and more to-the-point, making it easier to remember them;
  • international organizations or brands wanting to gain local awareness or open a local branch. They can also benefit from having a local extension so that they can reach more local consumers.

Choosing the right extension makes it easier for people to find websites on search engines. This is particularly true if the target audience is regional and the website features regional content.

Anyone wanting to register a .VLAANDEREN or .BRUSSELS domain name should contact one of the registrars or resellers listed at www.dnsbelgium.be.