.PARIS Is Now Available for All

December 2, .PARIS launched General Availability — domain name registration on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration fee is about €30 per year. Technical registry operator for .PARIS is Afnic, a non-profit organization serving as the registry operator for .FR.

In February 2014, registry operator had selected 100 so-called "ambassadors" — projects that were the first to get .PARIS domain names and could show the potential of the new TLD. On June 4, 2014, their domain names were activated.

In September, .PARIS domain names could be registered by trademark owners. During the Sunrise period, registration fee was €200 per year (while for the General Availability, OVH — the leading registrar so far in terms of the number of registrations — set the price at £229, and Gandi — its closest rival — writes about $52).

Before the start of the General Availability, .PARIS had only 99 registered domain names, according to ntldstats.com.

To register a .PARIS domain name, you need to live in Paris, carry out a professional, commercial, cultural, or personal activity related to the Paris region, or justify any other direct or indirect attachment with the French capital.