General Availability in South Africa's .JOBURG, .CAPETOWN, and .DURBAN

November 5, 2014, General Availability started in .JOBURG, .CAPETOWN, and .DURBAN, which were created specifically for the largest centers of South Africa.

ZA Central Registry is the registry operator of these TLDs.

General Availability in .JOBURG, .CAPETOWN, and .DURBAN was preceded by Sunrise and Landrush periods, which ran in parallel and were meant to protect the owners of intellectual property.

The most popular of the three so far has been .CAPETOWN. Right holders have already submitted applications for 1,170 domain names during the 120 days of the previous periods: 623 in .CAPETOWN (of which 237 applications were from the same person), 297 in .JOBURG, and 250 in .DURBAN. 

General Availability is expected to bring a lot of new domain names to .JOBURG, .CAPETOWN, and .DURBAN. 

ZA Central Registry also plans to launch .AFRICA, a top-level domain for the African continent, later this year. ZA Central Registry became the single applicant for this TLD after ICANN rejected a rival application from DotConnectAfrica in early 2014.