The Last but One Landrush Stage for .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs

5 November the sixth Landrush stage for registration of municipal domains .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА completed. During this stage the domain registration price fell by 50% as compared to the previous week (for example, in one of the accredited registrars for Moscow domains - RU-CENTER, the price amounted to 22.5 ths. rubles).

The sixth stage became the most successful for the whole Landrush history in Moscow domains – for this period the maximum amount of domain names has been registered.

Among them is a great amount of commonly used catchy and bright words. For example, domain names,,, футбол.москва, фитнес.москва and обои.москва are already taken. Such domain names are a real benefit for your customers, whereas they can easily remember the address and quickly return to your website. Therefore, the list of registered names has many industry-specific designations associated with services and products (полиграфия.москва,, etc.).

Meanwhile, the seventh – last but one Landrush stage in .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА TLDs has been launched, during which the names are available for registration for 4 500 rubles (according to RU-CENTER statistics).

General Availability in municipal domains will start 1 December.