.BERLIN Is in Top-3 New gTLDs

The number of domain names in 367 new generic top-level domains is now more than 2M. 195 of the new gTLDs already started General Availability.

The most popular new gTLD is .XYZ, with more than 455K registered names, or 22.7% of all the registrations in the new gTLDs.

It is followed by .BERLIN (138K names), .CLUB (98.6K), .GURU (69K), .WANG (56.4K).

However, the list of leaders may change in future. The real popularity of TLDs will be determined by the number of renewals, in a year or two.

It is also worth mentioning that four in five (79.51%) of the new domain names are parked. Only a small number of the new domains names are used for websites.

.XYZ has 93.63% of parked domain names, .BERLIN has 83.25%.

Interestingly, the gTLDs among the top ten with the least domains parked proportionally are .PHOTOGRAPHY (63.19%) and .EMAIL (65.23%), while .WIEN with 8,149 registrations and .WEBCAM with 9,071 have the lowest proportion of parked domains with 53.91% and 47.25% respectively.

Could this be an indicator of future success? It’s hard to tell yet.