Moscow Government’s Website to Move to .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА

Moscow’s Government will transfer their websites to the top-level domains .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА, a source in the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) told

As reports, this will become possible in about a year, when required sites are created for the Moscow Government. Domain name registration and transferring of websites will be performed by a company selected by DIT through an auction. There are no details yet on this auction.

Right now, there is no consistency in addresses of the websites of Moscow’s authorities. Some of them use .MOS.RU, while others are in .RU.

.MOSCOW and .МОСКВА are now having a Limited Registration period for the authorities of Moscow and the Russian Federation. This is a period for registration of domain names that were earlier reserved for the City of Moscow and the Russian Federation by the Registry Operator — Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development. This period will end on September 22.

December 1 is the start is the start of the General Availability period in .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА, with domain name registration at a standard price (about 600 RUB a year for end users).