Start of Landrush Period in .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА

On September 24, the Landrush registration period started in the top-level domains .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА. It will continue until November 18.

This period is open for everyone. It consists of eight stages (weeks), each of which has its own price for a domain name. For example, RU-CENTER, a registrar accredited for Moscow’s top-level domains, has it this way: the price will go down from 225,000 RUB to 2,250 RUB.

The procedure is as follows: you may submit a registration application for a desired domain name for any of the stages. You will get this domain if no one else buys it at a higher price. For example, you want to register ЦВЕТЫ.МОСКВА [FLOWERS.MOSCOW] for 45K RUB. Right now you may submit an application on the registrar's website – it will be processed on October 22 if this domain is not registered earlier for 225K, 180K, 135K, or 90K RUB.

You may submit your registration application both before and throughout the selected stage (in the latter case it will be processed right away).

If you do not get the domain name, the registrar will refund you the money.

Moscow’s TLDs already have sites like RIW.MOSCOW (for Russian Interactive Week), GOVERNMENT.MOSCOW and МЭР.МОСКВА [MAYOR.MOSCOW] (redirect to the website of the Moscow Government), and ГОРОД.МОСКВА [CITY.MOSCOW] (redirects to On September 17, ЗООПАРК.МОСКВА [ZOO.MOSCOW] was given to the Moscow Zoo.

And don’t forget that December 1 is the start of the General Availability period in .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА, with domain name registration at a fixed price (about 600 RUB a year for end users).