Prospects of Cultural and Linguistic Domains‘ Implementation were Discussed at the SakhaSeliger-2012 Forum

August 6-13, 2012 the SakhaSeliger-2012 Youth Educational Forum was held in Yakutia (the Sakha Republic of the Russian Federation). Over 1 thousand participants from the Russian regions of Siberia and the Far East attended the event.

One of the topics of the Forum were the prospects of the Russian geographical, cultural and linguistic top-level domains.

Representatives of the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development told the audience about the idea of .SAKHA domain introduction that was officially supported by the authorities of Yakutia.

It was mentioned .SAKHA project could absorb the experience got during .MOSCOW, Cyrillic .МОСКВА and .TATAR domains‘ implementation. These TLDs are planned to appear withing the first round of the New gTLD Program.

.SAKHA would become not only a symbol of the Sakha Republic on the Internet but also could contribute to the preservation and development of the culture of the Yakutia’s native population.

The initiative of the .SAKHA domain introduction has mostly non-commercial grounds. Therefore, it is advisable to carry the idea out basing on the partnership between public and private sectors. One of the co-investors for the project could become the ALROSA Dimond Company that finances a number of social projects in the Sakha Republic.