ICANN Started Accepting Applications for Cultural and Linguistic Internet Domains

From 12 January to 12 April 2012 ICANN accepts applications on top-level domains according to New gTLD process.

Among other domains New gTLD for the first time allows to implement TLDs for Russian cultural and linguistic communities within RUCLID project.

According to the research held in 2011 by Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development (FAITID), RU-CENTER domain name registrar and Russian Agency for Information Society Development (RAISD) in Russia representatives of two regions – North Ossetia and Tatarstan – would like to get their own cultural-linguistic TLD. Local administrations of some North Caucasus republics are also interested in participation in New gTLD.

One of the first TLDs implemented in Russia according to New gTLD process is .MOSCOW and Cyrillic .МОСКВА (.MOSKVA). According to FAITID plans an application for the domains will be ready for submission to ICANN to the end of February 2012. In mid-April 2012 ICANN will start evaluation of the application that will last for about 7 months. The TLDs may be delegated in the beginning of 2013.