RUCLID Project Will Be Introduced at the RIF+CIB 2011 Conference

On the 20th-22nd of April, 2011 in Moscow will take place RIF+CIB 2011 conference - the largest Russian Internet industry event.

RUCLID will be presented to all participants and guests on the first day of the conference.

During the presentation the leading specialists of the “Regional Network Information Center” (RU-CENTER) will speak about the New gTLD Program that served as a start platform for RUCLID and the new TLDs .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА. Also RU-CENTER staff will provide all the participants with the information on the current activities of the Russian Union for development of geographical, cultural and linguistic TLDs.

 On the 20th of April all the participants of the conference RIF+CIB 2011 are welcomed at RU-CENTER exhibit booth where everyone will have a great opportunity to taste the various national dishes, learning about the cultural diversity of Russia.