RUCLID (Russian Cultural Linguistic Internet Domains) is a project dedicated to the launch of top-level domains to be represented by cultural & linguistic and geographic communities of Russia.

Three years ago ICANN made a revolutionary decision for the address space expansion: brands, cities, communities were allowed to create their own top-level domains, reflecting their interests, culture, affiliation to the historical - geographical region or corporate culture.

As part of RUCLID project every city, region or cultural & linguistic community of Russia may get its own domain and gain new online presence. For example, the Perm territory may have its top-level domain - .PERM, Sochi - .COЧИ TLD, the Volga region - .VOLGA TLD.

"Regional Network Information Center" (RU-CENTER) has become the initiator of the RUCLID project, and the coordinator is the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development. The Foundation is a non-profit organization facilitating the involvement of all the concerned parties in the process of implementation of cultural & linguistic domains.

Among the current RUCLID projects is the launch of top-level domains .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА for the Russian capital. On December 1 General Availability phase will begin in the above top-level domains, during which the names will be available for anyone at a minimum price (about 600 rubles for an end user).

RUCLID initiatives are implemented in cooperation with the Russian Agency for Information Society Development (RARIO) and Public Counsel for Information Development "Rosinformrazvitiye".

New top-level domains as part of RUCLID project will be implemented on the basis of state-owned and private partnership with active involvement of public and all the parties concerned.

Any geographical and cultural & linguistic community of Russia interested in obtaining its proper top-level domain may join the RUCLID project.

Therefore, it will be required to contact the representatives of the Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development  by phone +7 (495) 788-56-88, mail address - Prospekt Marshala Zhukova, 2, Moscow, 123308, Russian Federation, or e-mail info@faitid.org.